helping companies achieve their goals, merging pixels and ideas since 2013, from idea to launch

let's design
your advantage

evolved experience for 10million+ monthly readers, enabling new revenue streams

working closely with managers, editorial, and developer teams to create user stories and optimize delivery, aligning new features and designs across departments and product teams inside the company

adding new dimensions delving into 3D and industrial design

contributing to a holistic approach to design

helped a product mgmt. school reach and convert more students into clients

with KPI optimised web designs and cohesive marketing collaterals, catering to changing business and customer needs

designed optimised websites for 30+ accounts, enabling increased direct bookings

for clients ranging from hostels to boutique hotels and large resorts, fulfilling a key part of a cross-functional effort between account and project managers, developers, designers & other creatives

imagined a compact phone inspired by the Walkman line, focused on the essential

along the years I had the privilege of working with clients across industries from around the world

going from initial sketches to final designs across all stages of product development, adjusting the process to each circumstance

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