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increasing revenues and improving websites, one hotel at a time

web design

In the backstage of the hotel business

Mirai helps hotels increase revenue by getting users to book directly on their website instead of Booking and alikes. In a collaborative effort involving many departments, my role was to design those websites complying with all stakeholders involved.

We crafted the structure, information and visual style around each hotel's essence, sourroundings, client opinions, advantages and strenghts... selling the whole experience of your vacation and how the hotel will help make it real.

No matter if we are talking about beachfront resorts, one of the tallest hotels in Europe, luxury oriented or budget friendly, small or large, rustic or modern...


We took each client's online presence one step further, enabling them to increase earnings through their official website.

At the same time, Mirai offered an overall better service, taking web projects one step further, breaking away from template looking websites to uniquely crafted designs.

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